Pain Relief

Most people would have heard about acupuncture the first time as a tools for pain relief.
There is a saying in Chinese Medicine

If there is free flow, there is no pain.
If there is no free flow, there is pain

In England NICE has recommended acupuncture as one of the type of therapies to use for chronic lower back pain

Emotional problems and depression

The theory of Chinese Medicine states that body and mind are intricately connected. Therefore, an unbalance in our emotions is a sign that an organ is trying to communicate to us that something is not right.


Because acupuncture is very safe when practiced by a qualified acupuncturist, it can be used during pregnancy.

Other Situations

You may be suffering from a condition for which you do not know if acupuncture can help. I would suggest that you call and check.
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Style of Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture

I received my academic Acupuncture training in a Traditional Chinese Medicine
school  where I earned a BSc (Hons) in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Where can I have my acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture South Manchester

I practice acupuncture in Altrincham south Manchester My acupuncture practice is located 44 Ashfield Road, Hale, Altrincham Cheshire. It is therefore very convenient if you live or work in Altrincham, Hale, Broadheath,Timperley, Bowdon, Wilmslow, Sale, Manchester or in Cheshire

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Data Privacy & Security Policy

Data Privacy & Security Policy
Your personally identifiable information is kept secure. Only authorized employees, agents and contractors (who have agreed to keep information secure and confidential) have access to this information. All emails and newsletters from our sites allow you to opt out of further mailings.

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Refund Policy

For cancellations of an appointment made at least 5 days in advance, Balance Acupuncture will provide a refund of any payment or advance deposit
For cancellations of an appointment made at least 1 day in advance but less than 5 days in advance, Balance Acupuncture will provide a refund of 50% payment or advance deposit
For no-shows or cancellations provided less than 1 day in advance, no refunds or credits will be provided

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Terms & Conditions

Information published on this web site is provided for the use of its visitors. Although care has been taken to ensure technical and factual accuracy, some errors may occur. No guarantee is given of the accuracy or completeness of information on these pages. Please be aware that Balance Acupuncture may alter the information on its web site from time to time. Balance Acupuncture shall have no liability arising from the use by any party of the information on this web site.

Balance Acupuncture exclude all liability for contamination or damage caused by any
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Migraines, Headaches and Acupuncture

There are a few tools available to deal with migraines and headaches. Some are more efficient than others but when everything else fails, it is time to consider acupuncture.

Some research suggests that acupuncture can even be used for the prevention of migraine attacks.

Demands imposed by life and work can sometime trigger headaches which are resistant to most pain killers. However Traditional Chinese Medicine can provide a simple and elegant solution to this problem. Your acupuncturist can help not only to manage and stop your headache but also to prevent it from happening again.

Book an appointment to start a new headache free journey

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Acupuncture And Arthritis

What is Arthritis?

Inflammation and arthritis

Inflammation is part of your body’s healing process. It commonly happens as a defence against viruses and bacteria or as a response to an injury such as a burn. But in people with inflammatory arthritis the inflammation usually arises for no obvious explanation. Instead of helping to mend the body, inflammation causes the tissues in and around the damaged joints to become impaired, causing pain, stiffness and swelling.

Arthritis is inflammation of the joints (the points where bones meet) in one or more areas of the body. There are far more than 100 types of arthritis, all of which have different causes and treatment methods. The symptoms of arthritis usually appear progressively but they may also occur suddenly. Arthritis is most commonly seen in people over the age of 65 but it can also develop in children. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, arthritis is more common in ladies than in gentlemen and in those that are too heavy (CDC).

It may be preceded or accompanied by a period of tiredness and a feeling of stiffness. This shows up more often in rheumatoid arthritis than in osteoarthritis.

Arthritis can affect children

Sometimes wrongly dismissed as an ‘old woman’s problem’, arthritis can and does affect individuals of all ages and / or gender. So pervasive is the ailment, that it even affects whales and dolphins – and dinosaur fossils have been discovered showing signs of arthritis. The inflammation in the joints, which characterises arthritis, causing painful swelling and stiffness, can be caused by more than 100 diseases. The most common forms of arthritis, however, are osteoarthritis (OA), rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and gout.

Long-term inflammation of one or more articulations, or “arthritis”, is among the most common of health problems. Affected joints are generally painful, rigid and have less mobility than normal. The usual cause is osteoarthritis, the so-called ‘wear and tear’ type. Second commonest is rheumatoid arthritis, a condition that can also affect parts of the body other than the joints. Arthritis Care, the main charity, estimates the total number of people in the UK with arthritis to be 9 million.

There are two major kinds of arthritis. Osteoarthritis, the most frequent variety, is a gradual, degenerative ‘wear and tear’ condition. Rheumatoid arthritis is more uncommon and less understood. It affects younger persons and might be related to a malfunctioning immune system, perhaps caused by genetic factors and infections as well as diet and lifestyle.


The word arthritis takes its origins from the Greek words arthron (joint) and itis (inflammation) and is the term for an inflammatory change of the joint. Several arthritis disorders are known such as rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, and psoriatic arthritis. They differ in terms of different involved joints, the number of affected joints, the age at onset, or additional involved organs.

Definition of Arthritis

Arthritis is therefore defined as inflammation of the joints (almost any joint can be affected) and often results in pain, swelling, stiffness and exhaustion. People with arthritis can experience loss of strength and grip, which can consequently make movements more difficult, and disrupt the performance of daily tasks. In the UK, around 10 million people have arthritis, it is more common in females than in males, yet it can affect people of all ages, including children. While there is no known cure for arthritis, there are many ways to help to control the development and improve symptoms and quality of life through medication and lifestyle changes.


In osteoarthritis, the cartilage (connective tissue) between the bones progressively wastes away (degenerates), leading to painful rubbing of bone on bone in the joints. It may also cause joints to fall out of their natural positions (misalignment). The most frequently affected joints are in the hands, spine, knees, and hips.

Can acupuncture help arthritis?

Yes, in many cases. Pain is the primary complaint of arthritis sufferers, and acupuncture is a very efficient tool for pain control. It relieves pain in three ways. First, it causes the body to produce chemicals called endorphins, which can temporarily  lessen the perception of pain. Endorphins are comparable to morphine, which is given in Western medicine. The big difference is that endorphins are produced naturally by the patient’s own body. Hence, there are minimal side effects. Second, acupuncture works through the nervous system by preventing the transmission of pain signals to the brain. Third, it deactivates trigger points. Trigger points are sensitive and very reactive areas that manifest in the muscles and fascial sheaths of the body. They are often responsible for chronic pain and are often located around arthritic joints. Acupuncture also has a very relaxing effect on the mind and body. Since much illness is the result of stress, this relaxation helps to promote the healing process.

Acupuncture is extremely successful at relieving pain, but it can also have a beneficial impact on other symptoms that occur in the three primary forms of arthritis. The first form, rheumatoid arthritis, is characterized by inflammation (swelling, heat, redness and pain) in and around joints. The level of inflammation varies, probably following changes in the stress levels. Acupuncture stimulates the adrenals to yield natural steroids, which have an anti-inflammatory effect. Since they are produced by the body, they do not cause side effects. Rheumatoid arthritis is characterized by periods of exacerbation and remission, but pain usually remains after the inflammation has gone away. Acupuncture is also very effective at alleviating this pain by deactivating trigger points in the region of the joints.

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About Incontinence

This year (2014) world continence week will take place between 23 June 2014 and 29 June 2014.
In the UK, about 24% of the population will experience bladder problems that is urinary incontinence and about 6% will suffer from bowel problems i.e. faecal incontinence.
People dealing with continence problems may be embarrassed and find it difficult to ask for help or support but there is help available which can make a huge difference to their quality of life and general wellbeing. In many cases symptoms can be cured with medication. In other cases with the right products and treatments, symptoms can be effectively managed.

Acupuncture and incontinence

Acupuncture can be one of your tools to fight incontinence. Some research published on PubMed suggest that it can be used to decrease incontinence.

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Sleep And Insomnia

Can acupuncture help with sleep?

Did you know? Six adults out of ten in the UK suffers from sleeping disorders. Among the diverse causes, stress and long working hours have a lion share.

Stress: Acupuncture can help sleep by relaxing

For centuries, the Chinese have been using acupuncture to help people sleep better. Acupuncture can have a powerfully relaxing effect. When stress has been identified as the root of the problem then acupuncture for sleep can be part of the solution.

Emotional Problems:Acupuncture can calm the mind and promote sleep

Another cause for insomnia can be emotional problems such as anxiety and depression. Often you can hear hear acupuncturists use the expression ‘calm the mind’. The calming state of relaxation and well-being induced by acupuncture in general and by some specific points is favourable to stilling thoughts. For any emotional problem I recommend that the patient checks with their GP, however most will use acupuncture as a complement to the prescription given by their GP.

Pain: Acupuncture can temporary reduce pain

Pain can be a reason for insomnia and bad sleep. When one is in pain, it is quite difficult to find sleep. Even if a prescription pain killer is available, there is a limit to the permitted amount that can be used in a day. There are many theories as to why acupuncture can help reduce pain but the Chinese put it nicely saying ‘when there is free flow of Qi, there is no pain’.
Indeed, when sleeping disorders are involved, there is a relationship between them and acupuncture may help sleep and fight insomnia.

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